Anonimo asked:

Hello! do you know some facts about Kensho Ono?

paranoid-rhythm answered:

Hello! Going through all of these sooooo slow… okay, so here’s some for Ken-chan… >.>

  • He started voice acting at age 12 as the official dubber for Harry Potter, for the Japanese release of the Harry Potter movies.
  • But he started acting at around age 1.
  • His parents, especially his mom, were big fans of the Harry Potter books, and it was his mom who suggested that he try to audition for the role
  • But he himself, hasn’t read the books at that time, so he had some doubts for it.
  • At first, he has some trouble voice acting, because he felt that it was more natural for him to act physically rather than with just his voice.
  • Like other child actors, Miyano Mamoru and Kimura Ryouhei, he was also part of Himawari-dan. But as of September 2012, he left Himawari and is now under AnimoProduce.
  • He’s pretty active over at twitter, conversing mostly with Ono Yuuki, Eguchi Takuya and Shimazaki Nobunaga (which, most of the time, ends up with him and Eguchi bullying Zakki.)
  • He has a pretty close friendship with OnoYu and Egu-giraffe, they’re known to meet a lot outside work and then eat out at different (and sometimes, really high class) restaurants.
  • It seems that his mom and OnoYu’s mom, has already met and just like their sons, are now also good friends.
  • In the stage play / movie called “Eden”, he plays as “Sasha The Rose”
  • Here he is as Sasha:

  • It seems that just like, Kuroko, Ken-chan sucks at shooting hoops…
  • His score:
  • As a result of that low score above, he lost to Ono Yuuki and Kimura Ryouhei and as punishment, he had to buy them lots and lots of Kuroko no Basuke themed food: gyoza, burgers, shaved ice, lemon cake, ice cream and milk shake to name a few.
  • And I leave you with Ken-chan getting harassed by his senpais: